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In the presence of great love, something happens beyond the obvious. It’s a nuanced language of in-between moments that speak to the grand intentions words cannot. These moments often go unseen but mean the most when looking back. Don't let those moments slip away; keep them close forever.

I've designed my website as a guide, please scroll down and follow along to find all the information you will need. I promise you, like many things in life, it is all worth it in the end. If you like what you see and feel a connection with my work use the inquiry form to get in touch!

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"I am a quiet person but I take loud photos"


I’m a Pacific Northwest native and wedding photographer and my dream, my hope, is to capture you and your family’s most intimate and vulnerable moments, completely effortlessly. I don't just want you to look and feel your best but to look and feel like you didn't even know you could...

When I’m not telling love stories with photographs, I spend my days with my children Eisley and Evelyn and my fiance Stephen, splashing in the lakes nearby or hanging out with our four close friends because quality trumps quantity, always.

I believe in...
Feminism, working towards an incredible life you’d be happy to look back on, laughing late into the night, constantly exploring, keeping your child-like sense of wonder, car sing-alongs, good food, strong drinks, knowing your constellations, laughing at your mistakes and telling good stories.

I hope by reading this you’ve got to know me a little better, this is the start to our grand adventure. Let’s meet, let’s chat about your dreams and let's make some magic.

I love shooting weddings and I wont stick to the status quo. I seek rawness and purity of emotion, deep connection, and working together to bring that out in each of the people I photograph and to capture it in an artful way. I love the stories the images tell, for this is the beginning to one of life’s greatest adventures.

Getting to know you is important to me and I want nothing more than to capture your personalities honestly and the greatness of your day and your love naturally.

You love each other more than either of you could ever conceive, you show that love passionately and you don’t care who’s watching. Perhaps you're an entrepreneur like me ‘cause no one’s going to tell you what to do;  you’ve always made your own choices. Maybe you live in a cool and quirky apartment in Seattle or maybe you’re from out of town and crave the lush green beauty that is the Pacific Northwest. No matter where you hail from, I have helped many a couple plan their dream elopements and weddings.

So, let’s climb up to that mountain view, shout your love to the wind, hair flowing, dress floating in the breeze. Let’s start your story and continue with the chapters that follow.


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Questions & Answers

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Do You Travel?

Yes of course, I travel a lot for work and for pleasure! For those taking their love on the run I do require 2-3 days lodging, rental car, and flight. Most travel falls within my flat-rate fee of $1,000 for the continental US. For travel within WA state it all depends on times and locations. Check out my travel dates here!

Can We Meet?

Yes of course! It's my goal to meet all my clients or skype if possible! I also have questionnaires I send out and like to go over before each session or wedding. If you’d like to meet up and discuss your needs before that just ask, I'd love to meet up or have you over to talk over some coffee or a beer!

What Payment Do You Take?

I accept credit cards, debit, and cash in-person or through my online payment system. I do not accept checks at this time. Easy payment plans are available and wedding payments are set up into monthly installments automatically!

How Many Photos Do We Get?

I believe in quality over quantity and telling your story honestly and according to how your day went. So naturally this changes with each family and wedding. Typically 150-400 for weddings & elopements , 30-90 for lifestyle & boudoir, and 15 for simple sessions. However these numbers aren't set in stone.


How Long Until We Receive Our Photos?

This all depends on my workload and the season, in the off season you can expect photos in 2-4 weeks, in peak season it can take 8-12.

Do You Have Back Ups?

Back ups for dayssss! I have backup equipment, backup drives, back up photographers, backup everything!!! I also have insurance if you are curious about that, if your venue requires proof just let me know!

How Much Time Do We Need For Photos On Our Wedding Day?

I always suggest setting aside at least 2 hours before your ceremony for portraits. I will pull you aside throughout the day for some quickies here and there but to get a good amount of portraits you will need to set aside some time.

When Should We Book?

As soon as you have your venue and date! I only take on 15 weddings a year with a majority of them being in May-September. I have this number to ensure my couples get the best personal experience possible and can receive their photos in a timely manner. Most couples book me 9-24 months in advance. Elopements and lifestyle sessions usually book 2-6 months in advance and I only take on 2-4 of those a month depending on the season!

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Contact me for a full pricing guide

Tacoma wedding photographer


Collections Starting at $3,795
6 / 8 / 10 Hour Collections
Digital Collection
Print Release

Tacoma elopement photographer


Ten Guests or Less
Up to 4 Hours Coverage
Digital Collection
Print Release

Seattle engagement Photographer


Newborn, Family, or Couples
1-1.5 Hour Session
Digital Collection
Print Release

Simple Sessions

Newborn, Nursing, Family, Couples
30 Minute Session
15 Image Digital Collection


How Will You Tell Your Story...


Prints & Albums

The art we create together is meant to be touched, seen, and held off a screen


How are you going to display your photos? Get your photos off your facebook wall and on to your real one where they can be treasured and admired for years to come. I pride myself in being a full service photographer who captures and documents your most fleeting moments to be looked back on for years to come.

Social media changes, technology advances and fails, but albums and framed prints are timeless and the archival paper I print on can last hundreds of years! One of my favorite things to do is pull out the boxes of photo albums, prints, and slides we have saved from all the way back to my great grand-parents' days, will your great grand children be able to say the same? We are the most photographed generation, let's make sure those photographs live on past facebook and instagram and into the hands of our future loved ones to remember our stories by for generations to come.

Framed Prints

I believe in full service photography that involves planning your session, guiding you through your photos, and getting you tangible items you can view daily to put a smile on your face. Show people who you are and show them with great style.


Lets Start The Adventure...

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Let’s document your story now to be remembered, as the adventure together continues forever...

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Travel Schedule

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Vancouver, BC - April
Denver, CO - May
Tahoe, CA - June
Anchorage, AK - June
Kenai, AK - June
Orcas Island, WA - July
Canon Beach, OR - July
Olympic Peninsula, WA - September
Sayulita, MX - February 17'


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