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The days are long, but the years are short...

In the presence of great love, something happens beyond the obvious. It’s a nuanced language of in-between moments that speak to the grand intentions words cannot. It's the way they fit in your arms, the pitter patter of little feet on the floor, a sleepy smile after a long night. These moments often go unseen but mean the most when looking back. Don't let those moments slip away; keep them close forever.

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– Investment –

Collections & Keepsakes


They're Only This Little, For A Little While


Honest images and honest pricing, I keep things simple with collections that fit most families needs. Families typically invest in a one in half - three hour session to document and preserve their memories. Newborn sessions typically last 2-3 hours. Your growing family took time to create and being able to authentically photograph that can take time as well, let's relax, get comfortable, and make something worth leaving behind.

I capture families in their own space that speaks to who they are and where they feel most comfortable. I come to you and by documenting your family in your home your children feel at ease and you relax not needing to get everyone ready to go. Newborn sessions are done within the first month of life giving you time to settle in. I also offer "Day One" sessions in hospital to document your child's first day of life.


The Full Story

A true documentation of new life in your family. We're going to spend time in and around your home creating authentic images of you and your family together. Whether it's your morning routine, afternoon activities, or an evening hangout we're going to make memories that matter. This collection includes a 30 image digital gallery and a 16x20 framed print to get you started on your families keepsakes.

Tacoma Newborn Photographer

3 Hour Session
30 Image Digital Collection
16x20 Framed Print

The Newborn & Family Collection

Short Story

The perfect collection to start your family legacy. We will spend time together creating raw, emotional images to document this new chapter in life. This collection includes a 30 image digital gallery and a 8x10 fine art print as a keepsake.

Tacoma Maternity Photographer

1.5 Hour Session
30 Image Digital Collection
8x10 Fine Art Print

The Maternity & Family Collection

Simple Session

A mini session perfect for capturing day one, nursing, and different milestones throughout your child's first year of life. This collection comes with 10 fully edited images for download with the option to purchase the full gallery after delivery.

Tacoma Photographer

30 Minute Session
10 Image Digital Collection
Full Gallery Purchase +$195

Day One & Milestones


Bundle sessions together to create the perfect belly to baby or one year package! Ten percent off for packages bundled in two or more, contact me to create the perfect bundle for you!



Fine Art Prints Starting at $47.99
Gallery Boards Starting at $69.99
Framed Prints Starting at $189
Gallery Wrapped Canvas Starting at $279
Heirloom Albums Starting at $1,999

Additional keepsakes such as cards
& calendars are available as well

I do not require any additional purchases however, social media changes, technology advances and fails, but albums and prints are timeless and the archival paper I print on can last hundreds of years. I believe in full service photography that involves planning your session, guiding you through your photos, and getting you tangible items you can view daily to put a smile on your face. Show people who you are and show them with great style.

One of my favorite things to do is pull out boxes of old photo albums, prints, and slides we have saved from all the way back to my great grand-parents generation, will your great grand children be able to do the same? We are the most photographed generation, let's make sure those photographs live on past facebook and instagram and into the hands of our future loved ones to remember our stories by for generations to come.


Military Discount of 15% to all active duty families. Easy payment plans for all collections!
Retainer required to reserve. WA state 10.01% sales tax will be added to your final total.


– FAQ –

Questions & Answers


i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)


Where Are You Located?

I am located in Tacoma, WA and work all throughout the Tacoma and Seattle area. I also travel throughout the Pacific Northwest for sessions, if you have a certain location in mind just ask!

Do You Have A Studio?

I travel on location for sessions and don't have a studio at this time (although one is in the works!). If you feel your session might require a space just let me know and we can decide where to rent.

What Do You Photograph?

I am focused on photographing new and growing families throughout their first years with their children. So mostly maternity, newborn, babies, children, and family. My collections are set up to best focus on these areas. Unfortunately I'm no longer taking on other events at this time.

What Should I Wear?

I've got a pretty killer client closet that is always growing! It Features pieces that coordinate, photograph well, and represent my style of photography. There's a variety of dresses for both maternity and family and children's clothes sizes 6-24 months. You can check out my client closet on pinterest and also browse my other boards for inspiration! All my clients have access to the closet for free, just set up an appointment to come take a look! I always suggest to wear items that are long and flowing for movement, neutral colors for easy coordination, and layering chunky knit sweaters or scarves gives good texture as well. I suggest men wear white, grey, or black t shirts with jeans.

How Many Photos Will I Receive?

Sessions come with a 30 image digital collection and simple sessions come with 10. You'll be able to look through 30+ fully edited images from your session and pick the ones you'd like for download or you can opt to purchase the full gallery for $195 after delivery.

Can I Print My Photos?

Of course! It's my goal to make sure all my clients print their photos and that is why my collections each include one product to help get you started on preserving your family legacy. Your digital download comes with a print release for printing, though I highly suggest printing through your gallery to ensure the best quality for your photos.

When Will My Photos Be Ready?

2 - 4 weeks depending on my workload. I have a little family of my own so I am always working around our life together.

How Do I Schedule Around My Due Date?

Easy! We use your due date as a tentative date and once baby is here all you have to do is let me know and we schedule your date within the first few weeks.

I'm Ready To Book, Now What?

Excellent! Send me an inquiry through my contact form and I'll be in touch within 48 hours. Most clients book me in advance but I do have last minute openings available. A retrainer will be required to reserve your date and time and payment plans are available.


– Lena Porter –

visual story teller


Hi I'm Lena and from the moment I picked up a camera for the first time on our family vacations 20 years ago and captured the intimate moments my family shared, I knew I was onto something special. Seeing those memories my family had together, was the perfect precursor to my career today.

Through years of learning and life experiences, my camera was never far away. My dreams to capture intimate and emotional moments for others ultimately led me to my career as a documentary newborn and family photographer; after all, what's more intimate and emotional than the family and life you create?

With a family of my own now, and as a mother I understand. Life gets busy but it goes by so fast, too fast! The babies that made me a Mom are now big kids that make me crazy and I ache for those lazy days with my sweet babies. I know you will too, but the memories to look back on make it better and the days to look forward to make it funner.

And just as I did for my family who still reminisce over the album of photos I took 20+ years ago, I look forward to creating unique and beautiful photography with you and yours which will act as a window back to these most precious moments for years to come.


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Document the Everyday


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